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Human Cultural Thought Is Used to Solve the Different Views and Disputes 2019-10-29

An Outline of Zhouyi 2019-10-29

Professor LIU Da-jun Attended the 10th National Political Consultative Conference 2019-10-29

A Brief Story of the Achievements of Professor Liu Dajun 2019-10-28

English Examination Mark Should Not Be Regarded as a Necessary Requirement for Selecting Talents 2019-10-28

Prof. Liu Dajun Came back with High Prize and Prospecting the Studies of Confucian Classics 2012-06-27

The Silk Manuscripts of the Zhouyi and the New Text Yi of Han Dynasty by Prof. Liu Is Brought to the Forefront in Academic Circle 2010-06-10

Prof. Liu Dajun Is Appointed A Tenured Professor of Shandong University 2010-04-10

Prof. Liu Da-jun Attended the 6th Cross-Strait Seminar on Yi-ology 2009-12-10

Prof. Liu Took the Second Prize of "Excellent Work" 2009-09-12

Prof. Liu Dajun Was Interviewed by Shandong Pictorial Magazine 2009-06-21

An Outline of the Zhouyi by Prof. Liu Dajiu 2008-11-15

Prof.Liu Attended Celebrations 2008-10-23

Accumulating Bits in Brush and Ink, Makes Sincerity Outstanding 2008-06-23

An Introduction to the Zhouyi 2008-05-14

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