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Selected Papers list

[Klaus Herbers]Diviners and Magicians: Their Reputation in Europe in the Central Middle Ages 2013-11-01
[ANDREA BRéARD]Divination with Hexagrams as Combinatorial Practice 2013-10-01
[Zhang Wenzhi]Significance of the Yijing Philosophy on the Understanding of Community and Citizenship 2013-09-01
[Hao Shucui]Substance and Function: the Relationship between the Zhouyi and Management 2013-08-01
[Shi Yanping]Zhouyi and Classical Chinese Administration Philosophy 2013-07-01
[Liu Baozhen]Further Discussion on the Issue of the Ancient and the New Texts of the Zhouyi 2013-06-01
[Denis Mair]Contrasts between the Upper and Lower Parts of the Zhouyi 2013-05-01
[Zeng Huadong]“Using Historical Examples to Give Evidence about the Changes” and Chengzhai’s Scholarship on the Changes 2013-04-01
[Sun Yiping]Viewing the Transmission and Influence of the Yi Learning in Daoism by Zhouyi cantong qi 2013-03-01
[Wang Xiaoyi]Assimilation of the Image-numerology in Han Kangbo’s Yi Learning and Its Significance 2013-01-01
[Scott Davis]Structural Analysis in the Context of Ancient Chinese Text and Culture 2012-12-01
[Song Lilin]The Chapters of Miaohe and Zhaoli in the Silk Manuscript Zhouyi?and Confucius’ Thought on Edification by the Change 2012-11-01 2007-02-25
[Wu Yong]Re-recognition of the Hexagram Symbols in the Excavated Documents 2012-10-06 2007-02-25
[Wang Xinchun]Lu Xiangshan’s Heart/Mind-ology under the Vision of the Yi-ology 2012-09-01 2007-02-25
[Jiang Yuzhi]On the Transformation of Mou Zongasn’s Thought of Change 2012-07-01 2007-02-25
[Liu Dajun]Characteristics of the Yi Studies in the 20 th Century: A Preface to the Collected Quintessential... 2012-04-20 2007-02-25
[Charles Burnett]Geomancy in the Islamic World and Western Europe 2012-03-18 2007-02-25
[Lionel M. Jensen]Overcoming Subversive Mythology:Sense and Spectacle in the Cults of Zhu Xi 2012-02-16 2007-02-25
[Wang Ya]Creating and Creating, Stimulation-penetration, and Synchronical Actions: ... 2012-01-20 2007-02-25
[John Beebe]Achieving the Image 2010-12-20 2007-02-25
[Zhang Wenzhi]Philosophy of Life in the Zhouyi (Book of Changes) 2010-8-12 2007-02-25
[Lin Zhongjun]Hermeneutics in the Yizhuan : Stimulus-Response and Communication 2010-6-8 2007-02-25
[Richard J. Smith]The Book of Changes as a Mirror of the Mind 2010-4-11 2007-02-25
[Bent Nielsen]Calculating the Fall of a Dynasty: Divination Based on the Qian zuo du 2010-2-14 2007-02-25
[Liu Dajun]Images in the Yijing and Their Transformation in Culture 2009-12-14 2007-02-25
[Zhang Wenzhi] Philosophy of Life in the Zhouyi (Book of Changes) 2009-12-1 2007-02-25
[Zhouyi Studies] closing Subtlety and Preserving Quintessence, Opening up Wisdom and Accomplishing Undertakings 2009-11-17 2007-02-25
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