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The first Seminar of Century I Ching held in ShanDong University



   December 27, 2011 to 29, the first seminar of Century I Ching held in Zhixin Tower , sponsored by Center for Zhouyi & Ancient Chinese Philosophy, the base of ministry of education of humanities and social.

    Liu DaJun, famous life professor in ShanDong University and the president of China Academy of I Ching, and professor Lin ZhongJun, vice-president of Center of Zhouyi & Ancient Chinese Philosophy, made speeches at the opening ceremony.

    Professor Liu mainly reviewed the development history of Center, and took pride in all the center professors, who have done perfect job although under heavy mission of the teaching, scientific research, editing and administrative multiple work . He wished that Center staff will keep this rigorous work style to make the future work well.

   Professor Lin told that the project of Century I Ching is meaningful in both sides of theoretical and realistic. The work of the essays collection and edition, is obviously the most authoritative, comprehensive and cutting edge. Moreover, we staff always try to be compiled the work the most reasonable, the most reliable and the most accurate. Nevertheless, the first part of the project of Century I Ching has been achievement. As to the future work, we need more innovative, compiled, and we also need much the forward-looking suggestion. Therefore, we hope everybody here put forward valuable opinion in order that we do better job in the future.

    The topics of this Seminar are around "Century I Ching Perspective", "Century I Ching Research ", "figures and thought of I Ching in this Century" and " the history review and development of Center of I Ching & Ancient Chinese Philosophy”. All attendees spoke out, according to their understanding of the issues. We had a full discussion. After all, we collected a lot of constructive suggestion about the project of Century I Ching.



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