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Prof. Liu Dajun and Associate Professer Zhang Wenzhi Visited Switzerland



   Invited by Mr. Murray Stein, President of Zurich International Analytical Psychology College, Prof. Liu Dajun and Associate Professer Zhang Wenzhi visited Zurich International Analytical Psychology College from 19th to 25th and gave an academic lecture to the scholars there.

   School of Psychoanalysis was founded by Mr. C.G.Jung (1875-1961) who is the famous psychologist and analyst. Mr. C.G.Jung attached importance to applying the images of the Yijing to analyzing the psychological phenomena. When he wrote a long foreword for the Yijing (German version) by Richard Wilhelm, he made a specific emphasis on the relationship between his synchronicity principle and the Yijing theory. This serves a far-reaching influence on the spread of the Yijing in the West. The Yijing becomes the required course for the scholars of the school of psychoanalysis. Aiming to learn the Yijing and master the learning approach, Mr. Murray Stein invited Prof. Liu to lecture on the Yijing . Prof. Liu's lecture gained a success. Zurich International Analytical Psychology College planed to establish a long term acdemic communicaton with Zhouyi Center . Prof. Liu wrote his calligraphy “ 未能行到水穷处,难解坐看云起时 ” for the college.

   In addition, in the company of Prof. Shen Heyong from Fudan University , Prof. Liu visited the former residence of Mr. C.G.Jung. They were received by the grandsons of Mr. C.G.Jung warmly. This helps us know the life of Mr. C.G.Jung and his esoteric realm of Yijing .


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