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An Important Academic Project: 20th Century Yi-ology Documents Sorting The Essence Collection of Yi-ology in the 20th Century


   On April 2010, The Essence Collection of Yi-ology in the 20th Century was co-published by Shanghai library and Shanghai Science and Technology Publishing House. This collection’s chief editor is Prof. Liu Dajun who is the tenured professor at Shandong University. In the trend of the conflict and merger of the East and West culture, there are unprecedented achievements in the study of Yi-ology in the 20th Century, continuing with the past and opening up the future. The study becomes a precious wealth for the Yi-ology study in the new century. So, in 2004, the Zhouyi Center decided to organize to collect, arrange and sort comprehensively and systematically the Yi-ology papers published at home and abroad from 1900 to 2009. Till June 2009, in the catalogue, there are 13100 entries and 9700 papers, among which 6500 papers are reviewed. 1500 distinguished papers are selected to complie The Essence Collection of Yi-ology in the 20th Century Preliminary General Catalogue. This Collection with Prof. Liu Dajun as the chief editor, is divided into eight partitions: the Text and Commentary of the Zhouyi, the History of the Yi-ology, the Study of the Excavated Documents of the Yi-ology, the Yi-ology of Image-numberology, the Philosophy of the Zhouyi, the Zhouyi and Chinese Culture, the Zhouyi and Natural Science, the Zhouyi and Numerology, 30 volumes and 20000000 words together. This Collection completes a cultural protection project with a far-reaching significance. It produces an extremely valuable resource for the study of Yi-ology in the future and has great acdemic value and cultural meaning. The KMT's honorary chairman Lien Chan, Hong Kong University Prof. Rao Zongyi and Qinghua University Prof. Li Xueqin etc. inscribed their congratulations for the publication of the Collection. The Collection is also a gift for celebrating 110 years of Shandong University.


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