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Conference on research work and frontier issues of Yi-ology &Chinese philosophy


Conference on research work and frontier issues of Yi-ology &Chinese philosophy

(Dec. 26th -- 27th 2007)

On 26 th and 27 th Dec. 2007, a conference was held on research work of the Zhouyi Center & frontier issues on Chinese philosophy to promote construction of the Center and exchange with other academic organization.

There two parts in the conference:

Part Ⅰ

The persons in charge of the significant academic projects authorized by the Ministry of Education report their schedule and consult with each other on the related issues.

Prof. Lin Zhongjun the vice director of the Zhouyi Center presided over the academic work conference. Prof. Liu Dajun the director of the Center made a speech of “Complete well the academic work and welcome the inspection of the Ministry of Education”. Other persons in charge of the academic work presented individually their task, including Prof. Guo Yi, Prof. Wang Xinchun, Prof. Liu Yujian, Prof. Zheng Wangeng, and so on.

Part Ⅱ

Some frontier issues on Yi -ology and Chinese philosophy are discussed.

The first public lecture was presided over by Prof. Wang Xinchun. Prof. Fu Yongjun gave a lecture of “A tentative discussion on criticism hermeneutics”. And Prof. Jing Haifeng lectured on the issue of “The current achievements of hermeneutics and its prospects”.

The second lecture was by Prof. Guo Yi. A lecture of “The academic research trends on excavated documents in pre-Qin dynasty” was given by Prof. Cao Feng.

After the lecture, Prof. Lin Zhongjun made a summary speech. And the conference reached a complete success.

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