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Ⅱ Symposium on Sinology & Ⅶ Immersion in Cosmoethics (Jinan)


Ⅱ Symposium on Sinology & Ⅶ Immersion in Cosmoethics (Jinan)

(October 30th -- 31st

To carry out the plan which was made by the director of the Center for Zhouyi & Ancient Chinese Philosophy Prof, Liu Dajun with the Executive Director Center for the Higher Studies of Coscientiology Kevin de la Tour and his wife, the couple of Mr. Kevin led an academic group from Brazil and held “ Ⅱ Symposium on Sinology & Ⅶ Immersion in Cosmoethics (Jinan)”at the meeting hall of Shao Yifu building of Shandong University. More than 40 participants of the conference are experts of conscientiology, doctor, lawyers as well as engineer and so on from different research institutes and universities in Brazil .

On 30 th Oct. Prof, Liu Dajun and Lin Zhongjun of Zhouyi Center were invited to attend the conference, both of them gave brilliant lectures. Prof, Liu delivered his lecture on “An Outline of the Origin and Development of the I Ching ”, in which Prof, Liu expounded the categories of the Zhouyi, the three meanings of the Yi, the two parts in the book of Zhouyi, different schools in the Zhouyi studies, the Yi-ology in the pre-Qin dynasty and the Qin & Han dynasties.At the end Prof, Liu pointed out that we should absorb the advanced achievement of western culture with the prompt of globalization, at the same time also give play to the superiority of our national culture and spread the traditional culture to the world. The participants applauded in unison and after the lecture most of them and Prof, Liu presented each other with gifts.

Prof, Lin Zhongjun delivered his lecture on “the Zhouyi and Traditional Chinese Culture” on the afternoon of 30 th Oct. He elaborated the influence of the Zhouyi on the Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism and the relationship between the Yi-ology and Chinese folk customs.

On 31 st Oct. Prof, Li Shangxin gave his lecture on “the Influence of I Ching on Traditional Technology” in the following aspects: the Zhouyi's influence on the astronomy, calendar, geography, meteorology and traditional Chinese medicine. During his lecture, Prof, Li exchange ideas with the western doctors and mathematicians on some issues conceived in the Zhouyi.

Afternoon Prof, Wang Xinchun gave his lecture on “The Doctrine of the Mean and Confucian Metaphysics: The Zisi-Mencius School”. After his wonderful lecture, he said that as a Confucian scholar we should show concern for more than the immediate living situation, we should show concern for building a society full of peace and prosperity with a long – term view of humane value and history. More cultural communication will help us learn each other better, and then help us realize the renaissance of traditional Chinese culture.

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