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Prof. Liu Da-jun Led a Scholar Group and Attended Academic Seminars, Held at Taiwan


Prof. Liu Da-jun Led a Scholar Group and Attended Academic Seminars, Held at Taiwan

(March 26th -- April 3rd

From March 26 th to 30 th , at the invitation of Fu Jen Catholic University, Prof. Liu Da-jun , director of Zhouyi Center, Prof. Lin Zhong-jun, vice director of Zhouyi Center, Dr. Zhang Wen-zhi, office director of Zhouyi Center, attended the 2007 “International Conference on Creativity and Process: East-West Dialogue” co-organized by Department of Philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University and Center for Process Studies, Claremont School of Process Theology, Claremont Graduate University. About 60 experts and scholars from America, Japan, Ireland, Taiwan and main land China participated in the high-level academic conference, which aimed to commemorate the famous philosophers: Thom é Fang and Shih-chuan Chen. To congratulate the conference, Prof. Liu respectfully presented his calligraphic handwriting “ 得性 ” (attaining innate nature) with the verse of “ 异世可同调,得性非外求 ” which were made by Xie Ling-yun(385-433), a famous poet in the Jin dynasty. The whole staff of Zhouyi Center attached high attention to the conference because the philosophy of Creativity expounded by Mr. Fang and Mr. Cheng and the Process Thought initiated by Alfred North Whitehead are related closely to the Yi -ology, and the deceased philosopher Mr. Shih-chuan Cheng once visited at Zhouyi Center and set up deeply academic friendship with Prof. Liu Da-jun. Prof. Liu delivered, at the conference, “On the Origin and Development of the Book of Changes Copied on Silk”, in which the Yi -ology development from Pre-Qin to the early Han dynasty became clear and the debates between different schools at that time were sorted out, according to related materials in Mawangdui silk manuscript of Zhouyi , the Historical Records and the History of Western Han. Prof. Liu's academic thesis plays a role of thoroughgoing reformation and clears away textual obstacles for us to study Zhouyi . Prof. Lin Zhong-jun presented his thesis “On the Hermeneutics in the Yi Zhuan ”, comparing the early Chinese hermeneutics with the western, based on which he affirmed that the hermeneutics invented in Yi Zhuan served great influence on the interpretation of ancient Chinese Classics. Dr. Zhang Wen-zhi made a speech “Philosophy of Life in the Zhouyi (The Book of Change)” in English, elaborating the life philosophy of the unity of the heaven and human, which was set a high value by the participants at the conference. The conference has laid a firm foundation for the communication between Zhouyi Center and other counterpart institutes at home and abroad, and then set up worldly connections to disseminate traditional Chinese culture which originated from the Yi -ology.

On 31 st afternoon, at the invitation of Prof. Zheng Ji-xiong, Department of Chinese Literature, Taiwan University , Prof. Liu Da-jun, Prof. Lin Zhong-jun and Dr. Zhang Wen-zhi went to Taiwan University and had a discussion with the experts and scholars from Taiwan University , Academic Sinica, etc. on the issue of “The Zhouyi Texts &Commentaries and the Its Development of Philosophical Theories”. The three experts from Zhouyi Center gave their lectures and individually expressed their views on the position and influences of silk manuscript Zhouyi , the relationship between the excavated documents and the received version and the further research on the relationship between the image-number-ology and the philosophical connotations of the Zhouyi based on the excavated documents, and then exchanged ideas with other scholars.

On April 2nd, Lin Qing-zhang, researcher of Institute of Chinese Literature &Philosophy, Academic Sinica, invited Prof. Liu and the other two experts from the Zhouyi Center to give individual lectures and discuss with other experts from Academic Sinica, National Taiwan University and so on, on the topic of “Talk on the Forming and the Interpretation of the Zhouyi Text &Commentaries”. Prof. Liu stated his opinions on the Zhouyi concerning ancient-character and new-character, and silk manuscript Zhouyi’s influence on the study of the Yi-ology and so on. Dr. Zhang Wen-zhi , using the research achievements of Edward L. Shaughnessy, University of Chicago, USA, reconfirmed the correlation between the images of the hexagrams and the statements appended, and then aired his individual opinions on further researching the connections. Speeches above arouse hot discussions among participants.

The three experts’ travel to Taiwan Province fulfilled a successful academic communicating activity, and will broaden Zhouyi Center’s influence overseas, as well as serve far-reaching influence upon the Zhouyi Center’s academic long-term program.

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