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An Academic Seminar on the Interpretation and Research of the Text & Commentaries


An Academic Seminar on the Interpretation and Research of the Text & Commentaries

---sponsored by Zhouyi Center was held in Shandong University

( December 1st -2nd, 2006 )

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To improve the deep the studies on Text & Commentaries of Zhouyi, the Center for Zhouyi and Ancient Chinese Philosophy sponsored an Academic Seminar on the Interpretation and Research of the Text &Commentaries. . The seminar lasted two days (December 1st -2nd). More than 30 experts and scholars from mainland and Taiwan attended the seminar and made heated discussions on the themes as following:

1. Textual Interpretation on the Bamboo Slips, Silk and the Received Versions of Zhouyi.

2. Researches on the Thought of Bamboo Slips and Silk and the Received Versions of Zhouyi.

3. Discussions on the Approaches in researching the Text & Commentaries of Zhouyi.

4. Researches on the Hermeneutics in Yi Zhuan(the Commentaries).

5. Introduction and Comments on the Yi-ologists’ interpretations on the Text & Commentaries of Zhouyi.

Speech List of the Seminar

Anhui University, Professor He Linyi:

Notes in the Collection of the Silk Manuscript of Zhouyi

Shandong University, Professor Liu Dajun:

On the Chapter of Miao He in the Silk Manuscript of Zhouyi

Taiwan University, Professor Zheng Jixiong:

Two Kinds of Cosmology in Qian · Tuan from the context of Da yi Sheng shui

Qu Fu Normal University, Associate Professor Liu Bin:

Interpretation on the Thought of Wu Zheng ( 五正 ) in the Chapter of Yao in Zhouyi on Silk

Shandong University, Professor Cao Feng:

Analyzing the Historical Causes for the loss of Lao He and Zhao Li of Their Particularities

Shandong University, Professor Yang Duanzhi:

Textual Hermeneutics on Chinese Classics ----Thinking about the Theory and Approaches on the Textual Hermeneutics in Zhouyi

Shandong University, Professor Lin Zhongjun:

Viewing Confucius' Interpretation on Yi and the Change of His Inclination by the Yi Zhuan on the Silk

Sichuan University, Professor Shu Dagang:

On the Deciding Effect from “Classics on the Stone in Sichuan Province ” to the Thirteen Classics Completion

Shandong University, Professor Wang Xinchun:

Viewing Cheng Hao's Yi -ology under the Vision that Benevolence and Heaven Principle are Integrated into One

Beijing Normal University, Professor Zhang Weiwen:

Relationship between the Revival of Confucianism in the Northen Song Dynasty and the Historical Philosophy of Yi -ology

Wuhan University, Professor Xiao Hanming:

Interpretations of four Hexagrams in Yi Jing Copied on the Chu Bamboo Slips Collected by Shanghai Museum

Qinghua University, Professor Liao Mingchun:

New Interpretation on Hexagram Qian in Zhouyi

Wuhan University, Professor Ding Sixin:

Nine Notes to Yi Zhuan on Silk

Taiwan University, Professor Zhang Lili:

Studies on a Particular Sentence Structure in Yi Zhuan

Qinghua University, Ph.D. Wu Guoyuan:

Outline on the Phonology in Zhouyi in the Qing Dynasty

Taiwan University , Professor Xu Shengxin::

The Transformation between Yi and Yang and Ji Shan Cheng Xing

Shandong University , Associate Professor Shen Shunfu:

Influence and Response and Existence

Shandong University , Ph.D. Li Xinping:

Interpretation of “Completely Exploring the Principle, Exhausting the Development of Nature and Destiny

Taiwan University , Professor Liu Wenqing:

Analyzing the Meaning of the Character of “Xing”( 行 )in the Text and Commentary of Zhouyi

Shandong University , Ph.D. Liu Zhen:

Research on the Meanings of Hexagram Qian on the Silk and the Received Versions

Shandong University , Associate Professor Li Shangxin:

Discussions on Inspecting the Emblems Contained in the Hexagrams and Appending their Explanation

Shandong Educational College, Associate Professor Zeng Fanchao:

On the evocative Style both in Zhouyi and Classic of Poetry

Shandong University , Associate Professor Liu Baozhen:

Ancient Chinese Belief of Gu( 蛊 ) and the Hexagram Gu( 蛊 ) in Zhouyi

Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ph.D. Zhao Rongbo:

The feature of the Thought in Zhouyi Zheng yi : Redress

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